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Hello world, it’s about time I posted on the Ooga blog. My name is Jon and I go by the title of Talent Czar for Ooga Labs.

I keep hearing from other companies and headhunters that there’s a talent war going on for the best engineers.  My job is easy because we offer something completely different. I probably speak with a dozen engineers from top schools a week.  I just have to lay out the facts about Ooga Labs:

  • We’re a team of super intelligent nice people that love to code and build stuff (RoR, PHP, Java, CSS, Python).
  • You get a wealth of learning because there are multiple starts under one roof with an open and transparent culture.
  • We build mission-driven companies that can change the world.
  • We’re viral experts, a successful team and proven management.
  • We’re a flat organization, working in small intimate teams in cool offices downtown SF.
  • You get equity in every company you work on.
  • We’re privately funded; it’s all about the product and our customers.
  • We’re a think tank environment with stimulating projects.

The most common comment I get from candidates is about James’ “Don’t make my Mistake” open letter to graduating seniors calling on them to come to the Bay Area and join a startup.  It’s a good (and short) read, and expresses well some of the personality and drive that you feel when you join the team here.

So contact me if you’re a software engineer or web designer/UX person and you think there is any reason we should be talking.  jwong at oogalabs.com

 — Jon Wong, Talent Czar


One thought on “Ooga Labs Talent Czar

  1. A. Launay says:

    We are a small company composed by two nice and smart person, one is a computer’s headhunter (engineer from Epitech) and the other is a self made man.

    We do iphone and ruby on rails development. We love java and C++, we made a small trade station using those langages. Php is dead but we do too, using symfony to stay in MVC programming method.

    We reserved 20% of our time for R&D in UX, development method (Agile, XTrem) and programming langages technics.
    The rest of time is split into our own projects and extern projects.

    We are searching for contracts and you seems searching for talented person. We are not genius but simply good.

    See you in a smart world,
    A. Launay.

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